Snap fasteners re-invented

Polyfyx's locking mechanism easily secures with a simple press, ensuring a reliable fit that is difficult to separate. It's fabric-friendly, easy to clean, and can be molded directly into your products.

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Fabric friendly

Our snap fasteners won’t damage or distort delicate fabrics.

Easy to clean

Dirt and debris won't interfere. Rinse or wash for lasting performance.

Born in the mold

Polyfyx can be molded directly into your product, eliminating the need for separate assembly.

Superior hold

Strong grip outperforms hook and loop or buttons.

Silently secure

No noisy ripping sounds - ideal for quiet spaces.

Sleek & discreet

Low-profile design blends seamlessly into your products.

Pins, lips and slots

Unlike traditional fasteners like buttons, mushroom fasteners, or hook & loop systems, Polyfyx offers a unique and innovative plastic fastening mechanism.

Polyfyx consists of two parts - one with flexible pins and the other with slots to hold the pins. When you put them together, they lock in place. The pins have little lips sticking out, and the slots have parts that grab onto these lips. Everything is carefully designed to make sure they hold tightly when connected.

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Polyfyx is a highly customizable snap fastening solution tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you need a strong grip for heavy-duty applications or a more delicate touch for sensitive surfaces. Our technology encompasses a wide range of variables that can be adjusted according to your requirements. From the thickness of the base plate to the size and shape of the pins and slots, every aspect of our fastener can be fine-tuned to optimize adhesion and suit your unique application.

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Compare it to other fasteners

Discover how Polyfyx stands out against traditional locking mechanisms like buttons, hook-and-loop, and mushroom fasteners.



Hook & Loop

Mushroom Fasteners

Easy to clean
Does not damage textiles
Silent when opening
3D printable
Resistant to wear & tear
Resistant to dirt & debris
Thin & discrete
Ideal for underwater use
Allows quick attachment

Solutions for your business

Polyfyx serves a variety of industries with customized snap fastening solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether in fashion, medical, automotive, electronics, or construction, our innovative locking technology ensures secure and reliable connections. We collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate our locking mechanism into your products, enhancing performance and creating win-win scenarios for your business.

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